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Hospital Management Information System

MEDICAL INVESTIGATIONS SUPPORT SOLUTION |MISSION| has been designed by the doctors for the doctors. We consulted widely, on both the types of imaging and Informatics systems required - the simplicity and speed needed for better healthcare services.

Radiology Information System

The PRISM - Radiology Information System is a means for E-health care that facilitates management of the workflow of radiology services and equipment, in addition to supporting entry of work records and reports. The ultimate objective is to store all Patient images, scans, and reports on the System or as electronic files due to its integration with PACS, thus eliminating the unnecessary retrieval and dissemination of film.


LAMAN is an intelligent laboratory Automation Manager offers laboratories of all sizes – within clinics, hospitals, physicians' labs, private and public health laboratories, and specialty labs – flexible tools to streamline business and clinical operations. LAMAN is an open standards-based management system making it easy to operate the program entirely over the Internet for ordering, inquiry, and report distribution also.

Patient Appointment Scheduling and Booking System (PAS-Book)

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The core of the BBMIS at the Blood Bank, is an information support for donor management, the processing, testing and storage of blood and blood products and their distribution. Base functionality is defined as the collection, communication, safeguard and presentation of information generated throughout the entire life cycle of the blood products. This includes full compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as well as any reporting and audit requirements at system level.

Diagnostic Center Management System (DCMS)

A Diagnostic Centre Management Solution (DCMS) is a computerized database used by Diagnostic Services clinics to store, manipulate and distribute patient Diagnostic data and imagery. The system generally consists of patient tracking and scheduling, result reporting and image tracking capabilities. It assists diagnostic consultants in the storing, manipulation and retrieving of patient information.


Pacslink Corporation has created a software-based, big data-enabled “Diabetes Intelligence Platform.” This platform is designed to integrate data from medical devices, services and other medical applications to help to treat diabetes.

Cardiology Information System (CIS)

Cardiology Information System (CIS) is used by Cardiology departments to store, manipulate and distribute patient Cardiology data and reports. CIS consists of patient tracking and scheduling, result reporting and image tracking capabilities.

Pharmacy Management Information System (PAMIST)

Pharmacy Management Information System (PAMIST) Pharmacy Management Information System (PAMIST) is perfectly integrated as well as Standalone system, it contains all the information of the medicines, vendors, manufactures, cash patients, credit patients, and doctors of the Hospital as well as outside the hospital. PAMIST is fully integrated to pharmacy’s internal resources and tools, as well as to the Drug Information System (DIS) and physicians’ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

Pacslink Transcription Management System (TMS)

Pacslink Transcription Management System (TMS) on-demand platform for computer aided medical transcription available to help Doctors and clinics do just that: drastically reduce their transcription costs. When healthcare organizations save money, the inevitable result is improved patient care, so everyone benefits.

SMS / Email Alerts System

SMS and Emails are effective and affordable means for communicate with various stake holders. By the help of the MISSION-SMS / Email server, hospitals can seamlessly reach out to the target audience with no efforts.

Clinical Practice Information System (CAPRI)

Clinical Practice Information System CAPRI - is a fully integrated suite of solutions for the business and clinical needs of clinical practitioners’. This easy-to-operate, cost-effective system addresses all of a facility's data processing needs. It provides physicians, clinicians, and healthcare executives with the necessary information to make critical decisions about the patient and the enterprise.