IT Project Reforms Support Services

Pacslink can give you access to the best services which can help you tackle all the IT Projects Reforms challenges to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability. Pacslink is fully prepared to offer complete programs, consultation and outsourcing solutions for smooth implementation and intelligent troubleshooting to get desired results from some critical workflows of any Healthcare Service Providing Entity like:

  1. Managing Attendance Flow
  2. Controlling Medicine Dispense & Storage
  3. Development or Functioning of Self Reliance Business Units
  4. Clinical (OPD) Flow Management at Remote Side Clinics Dispensaries
  5. Getting desired Implementation outcomes of Third-Party Contracts (Buy-In)
  6. Integrating Radiology and Pathology Diagnostic Services / Devices
  7. Support & Maintenance of Deployed Systems and Infrastructure etc.

Our expert consultants help good institutions become even better by providing practical guidance and support, sharing good practice and helping to consolidate your own current practices. We have developed successful programs through Information Technology Solutions enabling people to grasp knowledge based innovative solutions for various domains and offer conclusive Management and Information Technology (Software) services to various institutions. We employ various high- end development tools and our exposure to a variety of open-source toolkits allow us to provide you with efficient, cost effective & customizable implementations through.

  1. Performance Management Dashboard Solution that best meets the Healthcare Service Providers performance-tracking needs
  2. Proof of Concepts Solutions
  3. Capacity Building to overcome limitations on degrees of freedom because of statutes or regulations
  4. Highlighting & Sharing other kinds of organizations and seeing what ideas they came up with and then seeing how PESSI can apply with in the circumstances at its own situation and where other opportunities lie
  5. Process Re-Engineering by Adding Value to some critical Businesses

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