Systems Integration

Our proven performance has earned a reputation as the premier Enterprise level specialist in Systems Integration. As a result, the company is regarded as the leading vendor in Pakistan for the most demanding and complex Integrated Healthcare Imaging & Information Systems.

Our integrated systems approach perfectly meets the demand of robust and simple-to-use integration architecture. It provides a single interface and language to access data distributed in several heterogeneous database systems and allows the data to appear as if it were managed by one single integrated database.

The seamless integration process is responsible for analysing the requested information, identifying the databases required to answer it, fetching the information, assembling the results, and presenting the results to the user. All this is done transparently and without affecting the autonomy and confidentiality of each system.


  1. Each system remains unchanged in its configuration, data, and functions performed.
  2. Each system is hardware and software extended to allow the communication with other systems.
  3. Only data is shared, functions remain local. (For example, RIS functions cannot be performed at the PACS or the HIS workstation, keeping the confidentiality, specificity and autonomy of each system and simplifying our interface because database updates are not allowed at Clients’ ends).
  4. Tools & Protocols:

    1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    2. Integration Services Component (ISC)
    3. Webhooks or HTTP call-backs
    4. Application Programming Interface (API)

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