Software Support & Maintenance Service

Pacslink Corporation is the only HMIS / PACS Support Services organization in Pakistan which has proven Depot Support set up to provide the highest level of services & support that is necessary for HMIS / PACS and Laboratory results integration. This will ensure that all machines/computers, HMIS operate satisfactorily and with a minimum amount of downtime. A special task force has been established to effectively service, support, and monitor the systems of any project. We have trained engineers, technicians, system analysts, software engineers who are up to date to connect and provide backup support to multiple heterogeneous laboratory analysers. Pacslink Engineers have expertise of data management, monitoring, backup and troubleshooting, and work closely with supervisors of imaging machines, such as Angiography, CT scanners and magnetic resonance imagers, as well as others on the to make sure data is accurate Users will be trained through the newly customized modules by educating and developing on the changes made and ensuring they are able to work effectively with the modified system. The re-customization will cover standard reports as required by the end users.

As a Depot Level Support & Maintenance service provider our aim will be to achieve following objectives;

  1. to keep the software up and running
  2. Hardware Trouble Shooting
  3. to upgrade to the latest release
  4. enhance features or to rework the system for future maintainability
  5. security alerts and updates
  6. critical patch updates
  7. upgrade tools and scripts

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