PACS Data Storage and Backup Management

PACS Data Storage and Backup Management service is reliable and customizable PACS data storage management tool, allowing clients to automate the data backup process and critical alerts as per defined organizational business rules. The service comprises of smart load balancer / switcher in case of network load on production server or production storage media failure, it meets user needs and provides PACS data storage and data protection according to the user’s requirements and can be configured easily for any required change accordingly.


  1. Incremental Backup System
  2. Duplication of Data Storage is restricted
  3. Platform Independent
  4. Easily Integrate with any PACS Solution
  5. Send Backup completion alerts to Administrators
  6. Send Backup problem alerts to Administrator
  7. Archive and backup data on multiple storage medias
  8. Data deletion as per defined criteria
  9. Customize Backup according to Requirement
  10. Storage Capacity Alerts
  11. Assure Data integrity on both sides
  12. Automatic switching between production and disaster recovery storage medias
  13. Smart load balancing between both servers

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