Modality Work-List Integration Service

Modality Work-List Integration Service which facilitates the communication of information from any order scheduling system to any imaging modality and provides the technologists with a list of ready to perform examination tasks already including essential information such as patient demographic data, procedure and procedure details. These scheduling entries will be stored until they are requested on the Study Date by the Modality during a DICOM Modality Work-list request.

WORKMAN - Features

  1. Embedded HL7 Messaging Service for Modality Work-list
  2. Eliminates Human Error
  3. Facilitate Data Consistency and Integrity
  4. Reduce patient and examination identification errors
  5. Eliminate Orphan Studies
  6. Seamless Integration
  7. Easy to Integrate with any RIS/HIS
  8. Validated against a wide variety of PACS and modalities
  9. API Level Integration
  10. Platform Independent
  11. Vendor Independent
  12. Database Independent
  13. Easy and Light Configurations
  14. Minimal Maintenance & Support is required

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