Assets and Maintenance Management

Healthcare Assets Maintenance Manager (HAMMER) is a comprehensive system that assures the management of biomedical equipment and other assets in the hospital. It is one of the crucial systems that handle a multitude of benefits as follows:


  1. Optimize the use of available funds, personnel, facilities, and equipment through effective maintenance management methods.
  2. Provide accurate data for maintenance program decision making.
  3. Systematically identify maintenance needs or deficiencies and capital improvement needs at all facilities of hospital.
  4. Determine the unfunded maintenance backlog for the Service.
  5. Establish Machine, Modality, and hospital wide maintenance project priorities.
  6. Enable preparation of Service maintenance and budget requests using systematic, standardized procedures.
  7. Monitor and document corrective actions, project expenditures, and accomplishments.
  8. Maintain location & equipment preventative maintenance procedures
  9. Maintain equipment & location corrective procedures
  10. Monitor and record Machine related expenses
  11. Analyze expense reports for future adjustments
  12. Create daily, weekly, monthly reports

HAMMER Modules

With a variety of modules Healthcare Assets Maintenance Manager (HAMMER) takes on and exceeds every expectation: Please find below some important functions of different modules which can be added or enhanced according to your workflow requirements.

  1. Work Order Management
  2. Electronic Service Requests
  3. Preventive Maintenance Management
  4. Employee Time Management
  5. Asset Management
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Document Management
  8. Vendor Management
  9. Quotation Management
  10. Reporting

Healthcare Assets Maintenance Manager Fact Sheet :

Features :
  1. Multiple Sites Management
  2. User Friendly Report Generator
  3. Automatic Email Notifications
  4. Unlimited Requestors
  5. Assets Management
  6. Quotations Management
  7. Vendors Management
  8. Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance
  9. Work Orders & Requests Management
  10. Inventory & Supply Chain
  11. Dashboard
  12. Audit Log
  13. Custom Reports Development
  14. Support
  15. Queue Transfer Management
  16. Personnel Role Definitions - Security
  17. Job Status Emailing
  18. Time Stamp Control
  19. Out-Side Repair Controls
  20. Service Contracts Details

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