Diagnostic Imaging System

Diagnostic Imaging System lets doctors look inside human body for clues about a medical condition. Pacslink modular approach makes easy to decide Imaging Consultants what exactly they need different tools to do better imaging results according to their environment.

  1. Platform Independent
  2. Vendor Independent
  3. Product Independent


Mini-PACS solutions combine scalable DICOM Data archiving, viewing and reporting software all tied into a scalable RAID 5 Server. Consultants can save, retrieve, view and report the images often with web distribution as well. Mini PACS is "all-in-one" based PACS Module with an affordable price.

Features :
  1. Suitable for Small Diagnostic Centers and Hospitals.
  2. Low Cost
  3. Scalable
  4. PACS Reporting
  5. Limited to Modalities
  6. Limited to Reporting Workstations
  7. Integrated Voice Recognition (Optional
  8. Tele-Radiology Integration (Optional)


Pacslink InstaPACS is a smart Tele-radiology System, allows Consultants serving multiple sites having disparate Reporting and other relevant IT systems (the Disparate Model) to view these sites as virtually one site and use one desktop to efficiently complete all radiology work including reporting. The system allows the group to fully satisfy its stakeholders’ expectations, including on-site, subspecialty, and off-hours coverage. Each radiologist can read globally, namely, fully participate in the reading workflow of each site regardless of their physical location. This hosted Tele-Radiology System by leveraging and integrating PACS technologies such advanced graphics processing, efficient online reporting, voice recognition software for quick transcription, and image compression, Perfect Imaging has created a physician friendly Tele-Radiology PACS and workflow software system.

Features :
  1. View and Report Studies — anywhere, anytime.
  2. Customized for Slow Internet Connections
  3. Desktop / Web-Based Low Cost Solution
  4. Quick Installation
  5. No need of any special Hardware
  6. Pending Worklist Queue.
  7. User can filter studies by location, by modality, by date and by assigned radiologist
  8. Reports are sent out with the customized letterhead and logo.
  9. Get images and information on the web quickly and securely.
  10. Display Images for Reporting and Viewing Remotely.
  11. Send Report Back to Designated Location.
  12. Perfect for Low Bandwidth Connection.
  13. Customize-able Reporting Templates.
  14. Provide an integrated list of contact details for referring physicians, patients, facilities, etc., and an audit trail for all communications.
  15. Provide for each facility running totals of Urgent cases to be read, total unread cases, report turnaround time, total unsigned cases, and a list of radiologists.

Non-DICOM Image Management System

Alongside with Radiology, Cardiology non DICOM Images and Video of various specialties including; Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Urology, Orthopedics, OB/GYN, Otolaryngology, and General Surgery can be viewed, stored for physicians to generate instant procedure reports on PACS.

Patient demography and clinical data properly attached with the study and images are converted and stored in a format the PACS system supports. The stored images can always be retrieved with the PACS in their original format. The storage of images is totally facilitated by the PACS system. The modular design is fully adaptable to meet the workflow requirements of various departments. We analyze and implement the different workflows and interfaces (DICOM, HL7, Other) that need to be supported for different formats and systems.

Features :
  1. Import and Export Videos into PACS and out of the PACS
  2. Import and Export Images into PACS and out of the PACS
  3. Procedure Reporting
  4. Standardized Viewer for Reporting
  5. Reporting Templates
  6. Integrated with PACS
  7. Standalone System

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