Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS)

Having separate PACS for radiology, cardiology, Dental, Ophthalmology and nuclear medicine modalities is a thing of the past. With the Enterprise Integrated PLPACS solution, you can have a single, centralized method for accessing your patient’s all imaging data, which dramatically improves imaging and reporting workflow and physician productivity; with access to information whenever and wherever it’s needed.
PLPACS Uniqueness – It’s Different
    • One Platform for every Modality (Cardiology / Radiology / Dental / Nuclear Medicine / Ophthalmology)
    • Dual CPUs and monitors under single mouse and keyboard control with side-by-side comparison of current and prior exams.
    • Accessibility of images in seconds
    • Scale able for Dental, Ophthalmology, Nuclear Medicine and Cardiac imaging
    • Multiple Viewers Integration – Modality or Consultants based customizations of viewer’s selection
    • Unlimited Viewing / Workstation Stations enabled
    • Suitable for Web based or windows based applications
    • Single database platform reduces data entry, eliminating errors and increases data consistency throughout the imaging and reporting workflow.
    • Applications are run entirely in one screen without having to minimize and jump from one application to another.
    • Web Based & Desktop Application
    • Suitable for Diagnostic Centers and Large Scale Hospitals.
    • Scalable
    • Vendor Neutral Archive
    • Minimal Network Load
    • Minimum PACS Storage
    • Runs on Normal PCs
    • Competitive Cost
    • Tablets / Mobile Phones Viewing
    • PACS Reporting
    • Zero Licensing Cost.
    • 24/7 Onsite Support
    • Unlimited Reporting Workstations
    • No Recurring Cost
    • Integrate-able with other Health Informatics Systems
    • Integrated Voice Recognition (Optional)
    • Tele-Radiology Integration (Optional)
    • PACS Server (Support All Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Dental Modalities)
    • DICOM Compression
    • CT Selected Images Viewing
    • Data Backup Manager
    • Disaster Recovery Manager
    • Worklist Server
    • Cloud Data Manager
    • Remote Locations Reporting
    • Integrated Voice Recognition System for Reporting
    • Comparison Reporting
    • Integration with Modality Workstation.
    • Web & Desktop Platform
    • DICOM CD Writing
    • Cardio PACS Integration
    • Teaching Files
    • Conference Support
PLPACS - Benefits
Modern :State of the art WEB based PACS, consistent with the latest DICOM & IHE requirements.
Multi-Modality :Unique support for variety of imaging studies (Radiology, Cardiology, Gynecology, and Nuclear Medicine etc.).
Single platform:No need to install a radiology PACS and a Cardiology PACS separately.
Scalable :Modern and flexible design/architecture enables scalability from small clinic to the enterprise, while maintaining user friendly installation/configuration process.
Single experience:Reporting, Viewing, tele-radiology/cardiology & Referring physician distribution using the same diagnostic quality tool.
WEB :All users deployment and activities are carried out using WEB environment regardless of application and or connection (LAN/WAN).
Robust :Powerful tools and extraordinary performance with emphasis on efficiency and reduction of turnaround time.
Advanced integration :Optional: Flexible and robust integration tools for HIS, RIS, CIS, etc. and desktop integration requirements (HL7 or proprietary).
Distributed sites :Multi-site architecture, enabling WEB users to view consolidated work lists and studies. Supports distributed architecture with multiple 3rd party vendors.
DICOM routing :Automatic routing of studies to multiple destination according to intelligent rule based instructions.
Multiple archives :“Plug & Play” technology to connect to variety of storage devices/technologies and manage multiple devices as a single archive.
Backup/offline :Real time backup to removable storage device (e.g. 2TB hard disk) and database tracking of offline studies. Alternatively use mapped network drives or automatic DVD recording and labeling. Flexible to fit specific requirements.
Unicode :Full support of all standard character sets including extended character sets