Diagnostic Centre Management Solution (DCMS)

Diagnose, Report and Store Any Where Any Time

A Diagnostic Centre Management Solution (DCMS) is a computerized database used by radiology clinics to store, manipulate and distribute patient radiological data and imagery. The system generally consists of patient tracking and scheduling, result reporting and image tracking capabilities. It assists radiology services in the storing, manipulation and retrieving of information.

A DCMS supports a wide range of functional requirements which overlap with functionality provided by other HIS and PACS (for example appointment scheduling, work lists and dictation). It is an integrated solution, it is acceptable for other systems to provide this functionality providing the overall operational workflow and business analysis requirements are satisfied by the integrated solution.

It is an IHE compliant application software product for management of procedures performed on patients also in a department of a healthcare setting.

Our software provides built-in assurance which conforms to HIPAA standards requirements and works across the entire range of functions

Our products adapt to the needs of consultants with customizable viewing environments that allow for the flexibility they require to perform in the most efficient and comfortable manner for reporting.

Diagnostic Centre Management Solution Modules

DCMS have been designed by the doctors for the doctors. We consulted widely, on both the types of imaging and reporting systems required - and the simplicity and speed needed for better diagnostic services. DCMS tools are pre-programmed to - quite literally – provide diagnostic services tools in just a few moments, a few "clicks".

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