Patient Appointment Scheduling and Booking System

Patient Appointment Scheduling and Booking System

Hospitals and clinics can manage their patient appointments and facility resources easily with clear simple graphical screens. It is used to schedule thousands of patients in a variety of healthcare industries, including family practitioners, surgical clinics, skin care clinics, audiology clinics, eye clinics, public health clinics, Radiology centers, physical therapy clinics, and more. We’re confident Patient Appointment Manager can help your setup.


Allows for scheduling of one to many clinics schedule to be managed centrally (Optional)

Record down basic patient information such as patient name, contacts and notes on appointment

View clinic, patient and doctor appointment schedule in different formats and time intervals - daily, calendar or diary-like list etc.

Ability to associate with different attending Doctors

Select category (Clinic, Doctor, X-ray, CT, etc.)

Allows Clinic Managers or Doctor to block out time slots so that the appointed user does not accidentally setup appointment on those block-out time slots (also known as BlackOut slots)

Setup early patient appointment reminder and alerts

User is warned if he/she tries to book the same time slot for resources that have a constraint. For example, certain equipment (CT/MR etc.) cannot be allowed to be booked twice in same time slot

User is warned if patient has made an appointment earlier on thus preventing duplication of records User can view follow-up appointments of a patient in a single glance

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