Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS)

Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS)

Having separate PACS for radiology, cardiology, Dental, Ophthalmology and nuclear medicine modalities is a thing of the past. With the Enterprise Integrated PLPACS solution, you can have a single, centralized method for accessing your patient’s all imaging data, which dramatically improves imaging and reporting workflow and physician productivity; with access to information whenever and wherever it’s needed.

PLPACS Uniqueness – It’s Different

Scale able for Dental, Ophthalmology, Nuclear Medicine and Cardiac imaging Multiple Viewers Integration – Modality or Consultants based customizations of viewer’s selection Unlimited Viewing / Workstation Stations enabled

Applications are run entirely in one screen without having to minimize and jump from one application to other

Web Based & Desktop Application

Suitable for Diagnostic Centers and Large Scale Hospitals.


Vendor Neutral Archive

Minimal Network Load

Minimum PACS Data Storage

Runs on Normal PCs

Competitive Cost

Tablets / Mobile Phones Viewing

PACS Reporting

Zero Licensing Cost.

24/7 Onsite Support

Unlimited Reporting Workstations

Integrate-able with other Health Informatics Systems

Integrated Voice Recognition

Tele-Radiology Integration

DICOM Compression

Conference Support

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