Hospital Management Information System

MEDICAL INVESTIGATIONS SUPPORT SOLUTION |MISSION| has been designed by the doctors for the doctors. We consulted widely, on both the types of imaging and Informatics systems required - the simplicity and speed needed for better healthcare services.
Quick Installation
    • 3-12 Months – that’s the longest it takes to install to use it. Smaller practices can expect an even faster installation.
Substantial Return on Investment
    • Improves efficiency, reduces overhead costs, and allows hospitals / clinics to expand its customer base.
Customized Workflow
    • Complete control and oversight of the flow of patients and information through the facility, fully customizable
Streamlining Invoicing
    • Interfaces with on-site or off-site ordering and invoicing transactions reducing the number of man-hours (and paperwork) devoted to the complicated set of hoops between     a procedure and a proper invoice
Consultants Dashboard
    • A workflow screen designed for the specific needs of consultants means appointments, view appointment lists, full patient history and scanned forms, accessing patient visit     history, current visit detail record, or schedule detail record and all previous transcribed reports for any given patients.
    • Displays the Critical Tests and Results in order to quickly view the exams that are critical. Reports addendum etc.
Integrated with PACS
    • Compliance with DICOM medical imaging software and DICOM work-list standards, proven track record of tight and efficient broker less integration with PLPACS the     industry’s leading PACS product.
Integrated with Pathology Diagnostic Analyzers
    • Data is automatically and securely captured from diagnostic instruments
    • Converting laboratory analyzer / device data, in clients’ proprietary protocol, processes it to HL7 messaging and sends it on to the EMR.
Pre-Loaded and Customizable Reports
    • Templates and structured reports give you control over data entry and faster report turnaround to improve efficiency and streamline your practice’s workflow.
Management Reporting
    • Revenue, referral and productivity reports
Document Scanning
    • Integrated document and image scanning
Digital Transcription
    • Integrated digital Transcribing System
Voice Recognition
    • Integrated voice recognition systems
Third Party PACS Integration
    • BBMISSION integrates with your existing PACS from other providers, including Candellis, Agfa, Centricity, Dynamic Imaging, Fuji, Intellirad, Merge, Phillips and many     more.
Reports Printing
    • Managed printing and reduce administration time for your practice - ensuring patients and referrers receive what they need, quickly, delivered the way they want it.
    • Clinical Services Modules (OPD – IPD – ER – OT – Pharmacy)
    • Diagnostic Imaging Services Module (Cardiology, Radiology, Dental, Nuclear Medicine, Pathology)
    • Diagnostic Services Modules (Radiology - Cardiology - Pathology - Nuclear Medicine – Blood Bank)
    • Administrative – (Purchase – Inventory – Payroll – Finance – Attendance)