Diagnostic Center Management System

A Diagnostic Centre Management Solution (DCMS) is a computerized database used by Diagnostic Services clinics to store, manipulate and distribute patient Diagnostic data and imagery. The system generally consists of patient tracking and scheduling, result reporting and image tracking capabilities. It assists diagnostic consultants in the storing, manipulation and retrieving of patient information.
DCMS allows doctors more time to focus on their patients, increasing the quality of care. Our technology delivers full-featured, full resolution diagnostic quality images and data over existing networks. DCMS transforms information technology into a vital medical tool for diagnosis and reports. Our products adapt to the needs of consultants with customizable viewing environments that allow for the flexibility they require to perform in the most efficient and comfortable manner for reporting.
    • Patient Registration
    • Patient Search)
    • Patient Data Editing
    • Unique ID Generation
    • Order Booking
    • Discount
    • Cancellation
    • Rebooking
    • Previous Booking Records
    • CPT Code look-up tables
    • CPT Code Edited
    • Referral Doctors Entry
    • Doctors Search
    • Doctors Data Editing
    • Generate Invoice
    • Balance Amount Calculation
    • Duplicate Invoice Printing
    • Assigning of Reporting Doctor
    • Assigning of Reporting Location
    • Consultant Based Reporting Queue
    • Location Based Reporting Queue
    • Modality Based Reporting Counter
    • Studies Transfer Queue
    • Patient Previous Records Access
    • Urgent Reporting
    • Comparison Reporting
    • CPT Procedure Editing
    • Spell Checker
    • Auto Indentation / Space formatting
    • Consultant Based Templates
    • Transcriptionist Menu
    • Word Formatting
    • Teaching Files
    • Remote Site Reporting
    • Creatinine Level
    • Allergies
    • General Comments
     • Prescription Attachments
Administrative Reports
    • Cash Summary Details
    • Revenue Summary
    • Consultants Share Summary
    • Workload Statistics
    • CPT based Revenue Reports
    • Modality Based Revenue Details
    • Discount / Balances Detail
    • Referral Doctors Detail
    • Role Based Access Controls
    • Login / Password Secure
    • Reports View / Printing Control
    • CPT Editing Control
    • Balance Payment Alert for Report Printing