IT offers digital control workflow to laboratories of all sizes – within clinics, hospitals, physicians' labs, private and public health laboratories, and specialty labs – flexible tools to streamline business and clinical operations. It is an open standards-based management system making it easy to operate the program entirely over the Internet for ordering, inquiry, and report distribution also.

LAMAN Advantages

Human Error Chances Zero %

No Dual Entry for Reports Generation

Automatic Report Printing

Access all patient information in seconds

Establishment of a paperless environment while maintaining a digital recording of all workflow events

Monitoring and control the laboratory workflow process

Digital Distribution of Reports

It receives, processes, and stores information generated by medical laboratory processes. LAMAN is a highly configurable application which is customized to facilitate a wide variety of laboratory workflow models with high flexibility and ease of usage, implemented in small laboratories, single clinics and polyclinics. It is a complete Clinical Laboratory management system that handles all major functions from patient management, results generating, to physician decision making. It has many distinctive features many of them are unique

Security Gateway

The Pacslink Security Gateway (PSG) deals with the high-level functions of programs which restricts any type of intrusion from the network or any invasion to the network or analyzer. Pacslink Security Gateway (PSG) acts in the middle of each interaction between modality, Analyzer, / host and MISSION / LAMAN server and acts as a security services broker, validating message-level digital signatures, enforcing control rules (based on each healthcare provider’s information), and protecting against network security threats.

Product information

  • Platform Independent
  • Vendor Independent
  • Product Independent


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