Diagnostic Imaging System lets doctors look inside human body for clues about a medical condition. Pacslink modular approach makes easy to decide Imaging Consultants what exactly they need different tools to do better imaging results according to their environment.


Mini-PACS solutions combine scalable DICOM Data archiving, viewing and reporting software all tied into a scalable RAID 5 Server. Consultants can save, retrieve, view and report the images often with web distribution as well. Mini PACS is "all-in-one" based PACS Module with an affordable price.

Product information

  • Platform Independent
  • Vendor Independent
  • Product Independent


View and Report Studies — anywhere, anytime.| Customized for Slow Internet Connections| Desktop / Web-Based Low Cost Solution| Quick Installation| No need of any special Hardware| Pending Worklist Queue.| User can filter studies by location, by modality, by date and by assigned radiologist| Reports are sent out with the customized letterhead and logo.| Get images and information on the web quickly and securely.| Display Images for Reporting and Viewing Remotely.| Send Report Back to Designated Location.| Perfect for Low Bandwidth Connection.| Customize-able Reporting Templates.| Provide an integrated list of contact details for referring physicians, patients, facilities, etc., and an audit trail for all communications.| Provide for each facility running totals of Urgent cases to be read, total unread cases, report turnaround time, total unsigned cases, and a list of radiologists.

Suitable for Small Diagnostic Centers and Hospitals.
Low Cost | Scalable | PACS Reporting | Limited to Modalities | Limited to Reporting Workstations | Integrated Voice Recognition (Optional | Tele-Radiology Integration (Optional)