Diagnostic Information Systems

Diagnostic findings (Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology and Nuclear Medicine) to be entered into a computerized clinical data base. The system is convenient for the consultants to use customized templates to report salient information by selecting appropriate findings from the images, data and patient history.

Hospital Management Information System

MEDICAL INVESTIGATIONS SUPPORT SOLUTION |MISSION| has been designed by the doctors for the doctors. We consulted widely, on both the types of imaging and Informatics systems required - the simplicity and speed needed for better healthcare services.

Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS)

Separate PACS for radiology, cardiology, Dental, Ophthalmology and nuclear medicine is a thing of the past. With the Enterprise Integrated PLPACS solution, you can have a single, centralized method for accessing your patient’s imaging data.

Why Choose Us


Dedicated Health Care Domain Expert

Pacslink Corporation team includes professionals of medical, IT and bio-medical engineering to design the best solutions according to the international standards.

Pacslink team consists of

1. Doctors

2. System Analysts

3. Software Engineers

4. Business Professionals


Product Independent

Vendor Independent

Platform Independent


Pacslink Maintenance and Support is assimilated and programmed with an understanding to “Help to Help Themselves”. It is being done through:

• Specific Training Courses and Seminars are designed to build confidence of our Users

• Hands-on, On Floor and Off the Floor Training Workshops

• Site Engineers are deployed at each and every site.

• Project Managers Meetings and Quality Circles are formed with the Help of Client’s Team.

• Department and Division designated for the related tasks are:

1 Development Department

2 Implementation Division

3 Healthcare Consultants

4 System Analysts

5 Quality Assurance Department